3 ways to buying a better wardrobe


When we get the chance to splurge, we can get a little excited.  Think it’s the combo of bright lights, boppy music and the cash burning a hole in our pockets.  

Hey, we are all guilty of it at some point!   Sadly however, buying on impulse – and adrenalin – rather than on need and investment can cause you to have a wardrobe with lots in it and still nothing to wear.

What if you could have a wardrobe that was far more practical and pocket friendly?

Here are 3 ways to buying a better wardrobe

Maximise your wears

As a general rule, you should be able to wear your newly purchased item in at least 3 different ways. They don’t have to be dramatic variances with each outfit.  It could be as simple as adding a boot or jacket.  When trying on a potential new purchase, think about how you could wear it all year round from Season to Season or how many times you can wear it in a single Season?   Even when you buy something for a special occasion, consider if you can dress it down, wear it for work or if you have any other special events happening in that year that it can be worn again.


Return on Investment

Prior to every purchase you should think about the $10 rule. You should know your Return on Investment or R.O.I. on your purchase items.  For every $10 you spend on the item you should be able to get the equivalent amount of wear. For example, you buy a $250 pair of leather boots. $250/$10 = 25.  Will you get 25 wears out of that amazing pair of boots in a year?  Will it take a couple of years to get your money back?  If you can get more than the average, then you are making a great investment. 


It looks familiar

The final rule to ask yourself is “do I already own it ?”.  If the answer is yes, then consider the following. How often do I wear my current version? Do I need to replace the old one? And last but not least, if I buy another one, how often will I wear it? If you need to replace your item with a new one, fine, but you must ensure that you get rid of the old one before wearing the new one. If you get your R.O.I and the maximum wearability, then it’s  justified.

Next time you go shopping, make sure you get value for money and you make sure that what you buy is going to be worn!

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