5 things you should NEVER do in a fitting room!

Fitting rooms can either be your best friend or worst nightmare.

If you struggle every time you step foot into one then here are

5 things you should never do in a fitting room

in hope to change your experience from stressful to successful!



Be in a bad mood

You go in feeling negative and it’s likely the whole experience will turn stressful, awkward and ineffective. You will totally project your feelings into everything you try on. Be confident, relaxed and positive!


Limit Your time

It’s one of the craziest things you can do. Getting flustered before you even hit the fitting room and then throwing clothes on and off like you’re on a fashion rampage isn’t going to do you any favours.

Dedicate appropriate time, that way if your feeling overwhelmed you can take a break, restrategise and start again.  A fitting room is your benefit and to make your fashion choices easier, not more difficult.


Worry about the size label

Ladies, if you are going to walk away with anything from this blog, let it be this! A size label should only ever be your guideline. There are no regulations in Australia to keep clothes size standard across designers and brands.

That little number or symbol on the label can cause anxiety for many and it needs to stop!

Use the fitting room as your “safe place” to experiment with fashion.  Seriously, if you need to go up a size do it. If you need to go down a size, that’s great. Don’t let that tag keep you from making good choices just because the size doesn’t agree with the ideal size in your head. LET IT GO!



Focus on your “yuk” bits

We all have them. However what you see isn’t necessarily what someone else will.  If you need a second opinion when your in the fitting room, take an honest friend, snap a selfie, ask the retail assistant or hire a Style Coach who can teach you how to dress for your shape.

The key is to never point out your flaw/s to anyone. Let them tell you what they think and listen.

Feeling Pressured

This could be because you’re running out of time to buy an outfit, you haven’t dedicated time to try thing on in the fitting room, the retail assistant is doing the hard sell or you just can’t make up your mind.

Feeling pressure to buy something never ends well. Making that rush decision can lead to impulse buys, clothes that fit incorrectly and purchases that you totally regret.

Finding it hard to find your style, don’t know how to dress for your body shape, hate shopping and being in a fitting room or just have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?

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