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Guide to Buying the Perfect Knit  Unless you love Winter, finding the right items to add to your wardrobe can be tricky. A good knit is everything but can have an impact on the style you are trying to create and the longevity of the clothing. It all comes down to […]

Guide to Buying the Perfect Knit

Our wardrobes harbour everything from smelly shoes to designer dresses so it’s important to take time to acknowledge what you own and ensure you love everything that is stored, hung and displayed in it. Most of us try to keep some sort control in our ever revolving closets and sometimes […]

5 Items Lurking In Your Wardrobe You Need To Get ...

Getting the go ahead to spend money on fashion is a dream come true for most girls but do you know what items you should be spending your money on?
5 Fashion Items You Should Spend Your Money On! Getting the go ahead to spend money on fashion is a dream come true for most girls.  Especially for the fashion lover, buying new clothes is become a sport.  Although the season pros know where to shop and how to shop, they […]

5 Fashion Items You Should Spend Your Money On

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10 Reasons Why Being Tidy Will Change Your Life Some people love the chaos of clutter and mess.  Life Collectors often lack the tidy gene and love all those material things.  Organisers on the other hand will feel overwhelmed and stressed by the all the “stuff”.  Their anxiety will kick in […]

10 Reasons Why Being Tidy Will Change Your Life

20 Reasons why this year will kick ass over last year…   Starting the New Year with a resolution is always a good way to work toward something that you really want to achieve. Personally I’m not one to set resolutions but I do like to write a list of SMART goals. These […]


spring wedding
It’s warming up and so is Wedding season. While you don’t want to outshine the Bride on her special day, finding something that hits the Wedding attire brief, dress code requirements and still oozes your personality and style can be slightly tricky. If you’re looking for the perfect outfit for those Spring Weddings […]

What to wear to a Spring Wedding!

Girls trip!!!   One of my favourite places to go is Melbourne but honestly I’ll go anywhere as long as there is fashion, food, fun and freedom (sorry kids!). Now if you plan a girls weekend to somewhere like Melbourne, let’s face it, the weather can be as unpredictable as the […]

5 Fashion Must Haves When Packing For A Girls Trip

Fitting rooms can either be your best friend or worst nightmare. If you struggle every time you step foot into one then here are 5 things you should never do in a fitting room in hope to change your experience from stressful to successful!   Be in a bad mood You go […]

5 things you should NEVER do in a fitting room!

5 Tips For Packing Your Suitcase If you’re like most ladies you’ll over pack your suitcase and still feel like you have nothing to wear. How good would it be to have a wardrobe in a suitcase?  Plentiful choice without having to lay across the top of your suitcase to close.  Come […]

5 Tips For Packing Your Suitcase

Swimsuit shopping can be tricky, especially when you need a one-piece and not sure where to buy one or what to look for. Since my tinee weenie bikini days are well and truly over, I’m forever seeking that sexy one piece swimsuit that not only looks great but I feel amazing […]

5 Perfect One-piece swimsuits you need!