Getting the go ahead to spend money on fashion is a dream come true for most girls but do you know what items you should be spending your money on?

5 Fashion Items You Should Spend Your Money On

5 Fashion Items You Should Spend Your Money On!

Getting the go ahead to spend money on fashion is a dream come true for most girls.  Especially for the fashion lover, buying new clothes is become a sport.  Although the season pros know where to shop and how to shop, they may not particularly shop savvy.  Even the shopaholics need a reminder on where they should dedicate their cash and where to spend it wisely.  Follow the tips below ladies!

For those whom don’t like shopping, are frugal with their money or don’t have the need to follow fashion trends, then this is the perfect post for you!

I understand that buying clothes isn’t fun for everyone.  As a Personal Stylist and Style Coach, I can vouch that not all clothing labels are treated equal.  Nor should every fashion trend be.  Some are clearly better than others. *shudder*

When you’re buying clothes, it’s important to know what works for your body type and why.  It’s also important to know when you can follow a trend and when you should leave it hanging on the rack.

To give you a guideline to where you should spend your money when it comes to fashion, here are;

5 Fashion Items You Should Spend Your Money On

1.  Underwear

Never ever skimp on the bras and undies!  These babies hold your bits in place, cover things up and help create a foundation for the garment your going to put on top.  

You can’t expect a beautiful dress to look great if you have ill-fitting knickers and a bra that doesn’t hold the girls in!


2.  Denim (Jeans)

While your denim doesn’t have to be designer, buying a better quality denim will do incredible things for your bum, thighs and figure.  

Cheap jeans will loose shape fast and are often thin so they will share your lumps, bumps and panty lines far more.  

Take the time to find your perfect jean and it’s ok to have a pair or two if this is a style that you can wear multiple ways for a long period of time.


3.  Jackets

While it’s not necessary to have ample jackets in your wardrobe, it’s ideal to have a couple of fabulously cut ones that you can mix and match.  I prefer to have jackets that can be used for work and play so that you are maximising their wear and getting value for money.  

Look for jackets that hit your curves in the right place, aren’t too long and have a collar that is timeless.  A jacket that you can wear with multiple outfits is your aim so consider the fabric and colour as well.

jacket little bird styling


4.  Suiting

No matter if your male or female you should never buy cheap suits particularly if you want them to match.  

For my clients who work in the corporate world, I suggest work outfits that you can easily mixed and matched and the items can be worn separately rather than having to wear them as a two piece suit.  It provides more variety and options when dressing for work however, in saying this if you require a suit of any kind make sure it fits your shoulders, arm length, skims the waist and the jacket isn’t too short on the waist or too low on the bum.  

If you’re looking for a pant, ensure that the length is perfect for your height and skims the back of your heel.  If the pants are too short it will shorten your legs and look weird.  If the pants are too long then they are going to make you look bigger than you are.  You must also consider pockets front and rear, the leg shape and the waist.

For a matching skirt then make sure it’s an appropriate length for your work place. Sitting just above the knee or just below is always respectable, just make sure it sits at the smallest part to create shape in your silhouette.  

I highly recommend having a good taylor (preferably a suit maker) that can help you with your adjustments.  Buying of the rack isn’t always easy and quality, high end suits speak volumes!

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5.  Shoes

Yes ladies, shoes! My favourite purchases ever.

For those of you who don’t like to spend lots of money on shoes, you need to change your mind set now!

Again they don’t need to be designer but they do need to be good quality and believe me anyone who wears heels or would like to but can’t wear them for some reason, it’s probably because you have bought the wrong size, shape or just a cheap, unsupportive shoe.

I promise there are some incredibly comfortable shoes out there (for all occasions) and they are worth every cent!

Expect to invest $100 or more when you are buying a good quality shoe.  You will instantly know the difference.  It will be made of material that is durable, it will support and comfort the foot and you should be able dance all night long with minimal foot pain or leg stress.

When you buy a shoe, take your time to research the brand, spend time in the store trying various types on, ask questions, try on different sizes and definitely don’t just buy the first pair off the rack.  You want look after you tootsies!

shoes little bird styling

Ladies just remember you can follow all the fashion trends, colours and brands, but aim to find the above in timeless cuts, colours and fabrics so that you have longevity and return on investment.


Happy Shopping!


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