5 Fashion Must Haves When Packing For A Girls Trip

Girls trip!!!  

One of my favourite places to go is Melbourne but honestly I’ll go anywhere as long as there is fashion, food, fun and freedom (sorry kids!).

Now if you plan a girls weekend to somewhere like Melbourne, let’s face it, the weather can be as unpredictable as the two day hangover from some swanky cocktail concoction (not speaking from any experience, eeekkk) so, to get you ready for your girls weekend with fashion ease, here are my 5 Fashion Must Haves When Packing For A Girls Trip.

1. Lightweight Coat

These are always a great idea if you know the weather is going to be a little on the unknown side or you turn into Olaf on the plane.  To keep packing light, go for something that you can layer and works with every outfit vs a large bulky one that you can only wear to the Friday night match at the MCG (if this is your thing).  Let’s face it, you will need all the room you can get for that little shopping excursion!


2.  Great Shoes

Shoes are everything and can make or break your outfit.  They need to be comfortable for walking, dancing and of course compliment your outfit.  Let’s be real you will probably purchase a pair or two while your away, so aim for 2 pairs. 1 for day and 1 for night.  If it’s cold go for a boot that you can wear with everything.


3.  Playful Scarf

A scarf is the perfect addition to any outfit.  Besides keeping you warm, it will lift your outfit by adding a point of interest and keep it young and fun especially when you go for a colourful print or cheeky pattern.

4. On Trend Accessories  

Bling it up baby! Play your outfit up with some cool accessories.  They will turn your outfit from fab to FAB-U-LOUS.  Layer your braclets and rings, wear chunky statement necklaces, flash a show stopping pair of earrings or get on trend with a choker for some serious sass.


5. Bag It

A versatile bag is a must have for travelling.  You want it to be practical (not too big or too small), workable from day to night and everywhere in between and of course house your smart phone, fav lippy and the kitchen sink.  I recommend a crossover body bag so it keeps your arms free for those shopping bags and is close enough to your body when manoeuvring through large crowds that you know where your things are at all times.

Don’t forget going out with the girls gives you a chance to amp your fashion.  Play with your fashion and give new styles a go.  Rock those sexy leatherette pants or whip out that figure-hugging jumpsuit. Own your Style Personality and feel 100% confident in your choice.  Embrace your individuality and try something a little bit different to what you would normally.

Have fun ladies!

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