20 Reasons why this year will kick ass over last year…



Starting the New Year with a resolution is always a good way to work toward something that you really want to achieve.

Personally I’m not one to set resolutions but I do like to write a list of SMART goals. These are things that I’d like to “work” on in my businesses, personal and lifestyle.  I feel to have balance in life you need to acknowledge goals for all areas rather than just one in particular.



I also like to acknowledge anything that maybe at the forefront of my mind and needs attention. This could be along the lines of connecting with my inner self, a form of spirituality or an intention that will mantra my year, month or weeks.

Setting these clear goals and intentions or mantras, I believe, allows you to gain clarity in what you want to achieve, focus on reaching your destination (even if the journey takes a detour) and of course the power of positivity and universal return.

To set my year;

I take the time to write my goals and intentions somewhere in my fresh new diary, with a fancy new pen…mmmm new stationery…that way I can always flick back to them whenever I feel like I’m off track or need a focus boost.

I also like to write notes to myself, draw a little pic or scribble some quotes randomly throughout my diary which will make me smile and start the day with something great.

If last year was a challenge for you, then you have learnt a lot.  You are a little older, a little more wiser and you know not to make the same mistakes.

However you choose to start working through your year, gain focus and achieve those goals then my top 20 reasons why this year will kick ass over last year will help you to get on the right track. Here we go…

This year…

  1. you have the power to re-invent yourself.
  2. you can be the person you really want to be.
  3. you can ask for help, guidance and support to achieve your goals and aspirations
  4. you’re the only person getting in the way of your dreams.
  5. unhappiness is not an excuse.
  6. change is only as scary as you make it.  Change is brilliant so do itchange
  7. you won’t set yourself up to fail.
  8. the universe is bringing lots of positivity so embrace and set forth.
  9. the humps in the road will be learning curves and life lessons but set you up for future success.
  10. you can share yourself with others but take the time to share yourself with you equally.
  11. you won’t be so hard on yourself.no limits
  12. you will achieve those things you may have lost focus on last year.
  13. you will love yourself fully, completely and unconditionally.
  14. you will take the time to do the things that make you happy.
  15. you will say “no” and be ok with that.
  16. is about you yet there will be no lack of compassion, love or support for others in the process.
  17. you will look in the mirror and love the person starring back at you even if you still are working on yourself.
  18. you won’t let people take advantage of you.
  19. do one thing you have always wanted to do, whatever that may be.
  20. you will allow yourself to buy the shoes!

buy the shoes

A New Year should be embraced whole heartedly.  It’s your opportunity to live authentically, make changes, improve and really live to the fullest.

This is your chance to kick last year to the curb, take the new by the hand and make it one you will be proud of.


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