Personal Shopping & Styling Sessions

Personal Shopping & Styling Sessions


There are so many reasons to hire a Personal Stylist + Style Coach to go shopping with.  However for fun and to convince you a little more (if you need it), I have written this for you…

7 Reasons Why You should Hire A Personal Stylist for a shopping trip

  1. It’s like shopping with a best friend but they won’t lie when your bum looks big!  
  2. You will reduce the amount of time trying to find shops that cater for your body type, age, specific wants and needs and introduce you to some really great ones!
  3. They will stop you from those impulse buys, overspending on items you will never wear and making those regretful fashion mistakes (eeekkkkk)
  4. A Personal Stylist will help you to define your Style Personality so you stop buying those random, weird pieces you have hanging in your wardrobe and have know idea what to do with!
  5. Your Personal Stylist will lead you toward building your confidence in both your fashion choices and body image
  6. You’ll understand colour, cuts and fabrics better and tell you why the do/don’t work for you.
  7. A day with a Personal Stylist will boost your self-esteem, self-worth and overall self confidence because you will know what makes you look good and feels good from hereon out!

Seriously, hiring A Personal Stylist will be the most exciting,

satisfying and eye opening experience you will ever have.  

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Nope?  Need more convincing?

The purpose of hiring a Personal Stylist will vary for each individual.  You may want to add key pieces to your existing wardrobe, create a whole new look, find an outfit for a special occasion, find things that fit or perhaps play with the new season trends just for fun.  

Whatever your reason, a Personal Stylist will help you meet your desired outcomes within budget.


Find your style personality, learn about your body and how to accentuate the best bits,

wear colours that suit you, accessorise like a pro

and get plenty of helpful style tips and tricks along the way.


Just for fun here are a few more ways a Personal Stylist can help you with your shopping;

  • dressing for a special occasion 
  • update of wardrobe basics and classic pieces
  •  casual everyday wear 
  • holiday suitcase essentials
  • an altering body shape (maternity, after baby body, weight loss, weight gain or surgery)
  • change of job or returning to work
  • show you how to get ROI on every piece you buy (Return On Investment)
  • or just because you deserve it!


Stylist Recommendation!

Wardrobe Detox and Personal Shopping experience work hand in hand. You will have a professionally organised wardrobe with the clothes you love to wear, fit your body and suit your lifestyle.  Then it can be followed up with a tailored shopping excursion.  This will help you to build the perfect wardrobe with everything you need!


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