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10 Reasons Why Being Tidy Will Change Your Life

10 Reasons Why Being Tidy Will Change Your Life

Some people love the chaos of clutter and mess.  Life Collectors often lack the tidy gene and love all those material things.  Organisers on the other hand will feel overwhelmed and stressed by the all the “stuff”.  Their anxiety will kick in and it begins to have a negative impact on their health, wealth and life choices.

I’m the definitely the latter!

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As a self confessed organisation freak, if things aren’t in their rightful place then heart palpitations are inevitable!  I can’t concentrate.  I feel stressed.  It even makes me a little agro. Sorry fam!  

Classic example;  

I can’t leave a messy kitchen before going to bed.  Eeeekkkkkkk!  Dishes need to be washed or in the dishwasher at least,  benches need to be wiped down, backsplash and stove top free of food splashes and crumbs.  Waking up to a clean neat kitchen starts my day stress free and lets me enjoy a full cup of tea contently!  Slightly strange I know however;

The bonus of my slightly OCD mannerisms and skilful knack for organisation is that my clients benefit from it.  Some like to take advantage of these skills on a regular basis and require a wardrobe detox and organisation session every 6-8 months just to keep it in check.  Perhaps it’s also a check on their fashion spending habits and a chance to style up any of those unworn item, brand new clothes with tags still hanging on them!

Ultimately, the Client ends up with a wardrobe that’s in order, visually pleasing and easy to manoeuvre.  They can find exactly what they want, at the time they need it.  They are also less likely to fill it with c*#p!

For me; it feeds my need to organise and keeps my husband happy.  He probably doesn’t appreciate my Wardrobe Detox as much as others.  😛

wardrobe organisation little bird stylingWithout sounding like another one of those “I love my job” preachers or “you’ll never work a day in your life…”  Anthony Robbins groupie, I certainly do love every aspect of my business and what it offers and how it helps people, often in more way than one.

While I appreciate not everyone is like me when it comes to organisation and minimalism, I do believe that people fall in love with organisation and the benefits that come from it.  

For example;

clients who experience a Wardrobe Detox go from nervous, shy, reserved and hesitant to confident, happy, relaxed and appreciate that the person in the mirror is someone they wish they had taken time to fall in love with earlier.  

It’s interesting how people can loose a little of themselves over a period of time and how that becomes their new norm.  They allow the little chips away to become ok.  It’s rare to find someone who is true to their individuality and authenticity through the whole of their lives but that’s a whole other discussion for the blog a little later.  My point is that through organisation you gain control, clarity and confidence.

The psychological benefits of being tidy are second to none. I see this through my work often and client feedback confirms the positive changes in their life.  Furthermore, there is plenty of scientific evidence to prove that tidy, uncluttered spaces have a huge amount of positive effects in all life aspects.

On this point I thought is was important to share; 

10 Reasons Why Being Tidy Will Change Your Life

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  1. You gain quality over quantity.  Lots of “stuff” doesn’t bring happiness.
  2. You make better decisions. Clarity rather than distraction.
  3. You make healthier choices. This is over all aspects of your life including decisions about food, your health and being more charitable.
  4. It’s a natural mood booster.  Your happy hormones are released and your anxiety is lowered.
  5. It will increase your productivity. Your focus will be planted to wear it needs to be at the time it is required.
  6. Confidence will be your best asset.  You can dedicate the time to yourself that you deserve because you won’t be so occupied and consumed with cleaning up and looking for things you need.
  7. Um 100% Bonus…you can actually find things you need when you want them!
  8. You will feel calmer and can take time to relax.  It also helps with your sleep if your room is tidy.
  9. You will be able to meet your obligations.  Being unorganised will make you tardy.
  10. You will have a happier environment.  Not only will you enjoy the space but your guests will appreciate it too.  Plus if you have kids they will have space to play and feel less overwhelmed by all that material stimulation.

Being organised and tidy will have you enjoying the people and things around you rather than feeling hostile and scattered.  

Why not start your tidy journey today and start with something simple like a draw, a cupboard or even your shoe rack.

Happy Tidying!






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