5 Items Lurking In Your Wardrobe You Need To Get Rid Of NOW!

Our wardrobes harbour everything from smelly shoes to designer dresses so it’s important to take time to acknowledge what you own and ensure you love everything that is stored, hung and displayed in it.

Most of us try to keep some sort control in our ever revolving closets and sometimes it can all be a little too hard.  If you think you are ready to tackle the task on your own then you can start your wardrobe clean out and tidy up, with these tips;

5 Items Lurking In Your Wardrobe You Can Get Rid Of NOW!


1.  Smelly Old Shoes

Smelly old shoes will cause your wardrobe to become musty and give everything else around it the same with weird odour.  Not even freshly washed clothes can out do their stench.  Remove all smelly shoes, shoes that are falling apart and those that are damaged and you haven;t bothered to take them to the repairer.  It’s time to hand these babies to the garbage man and get some new ones!

If you have a good pair of shoes and the only problem you have is funky foot odour then put them in an open space (or out the door) so fresh air can help eliminate the imminent smell.  You can also try odour eaters, scented draw liners  or cardboard strips with a drop of your favourite essential oil cut to shoe size.


2. Damaged Clothing

Before throwing it in a pile of “I’ll get to it later” ask yourself are your really going get it fixed? If you are committed then put it in your car so you see it every time you get in and out and it will remind you to stop at the alterations shop. If it sits there for a week then consider donating it or throwing it away if the damage is a little more extensive. You clearly aren’t missing it or need it!

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3. Outdated Handbags

If you are a serious bag collector then I am assuming you will have them all in order and every bag is taken care of. If you are a bit like me and go through bag phases then only keep the ones that are classic and rid of any fashion bags that make you question your sanity.

Patterns and colours are fine as long as you are able to mix and match with your outfits easily. If you have to design an outfit around your handbag then it maybe time to reconsider the space it’s taking up.



4.  Wrong Sizes

Why ladies do we insist on keeping clothes that do not fit us correctly?

Too big and you will look big and feel overweight. Too tight and you are probably sharing more than reasonably appropriate.

There are a few exceptions to the rules but in all honesty why put yourself under so much pressure every day trying to find the stuff that actually fits. 

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5.  Random Stuff

Do you hoarder more than just clothes in your wardrobe? Allowing other things that are not clothing related into this space just causes unnecessary clutter. If you have limited storage then dedicate containers or boxes to put your items in so that they stay tidy and don’t take up more space than need be.








If you want a Wardrobe that you makes you happy, why not book a Wardrobe Detox.  It will take stress out of your daily life, have you feeling excited about fashion again and stop you feeling overwhelmed by clutter.  Book here!



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