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Guide to Buying the Perfect Knit

Guide to Buying the Perfect Knit 

Unless you love Winter, finding the right items to add to your wardrobe can be tricky.

A good knit is everything but can have an impact on the style you are trying to create and the longevity of the clothing.

It all comes down to the cuts, shapes and colours as well as the choice in fabric. You can get lots of variety of knits. Everything from blends, 100% natural fibres and pure synthetics.

To help you purchase the right knit, here is a guide to ensure you have the best fitting knitwear for your Winter Wardrobe this year.

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Cable Knits

Cable knits are usually thick.  They can add a lot of bulk to your top half, so if you have big boobs or broad shoulders it can make you feel a lot larger than what you are.

Cable knits are warm and if this is what you want then aim for a V neck versus a high round neck and this will reduce some of the bulk.

You will know a cable knit as it will usually have a pattern through the front.



knit Jumper - Oversize

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Oversized Knits

While the oversized knit is in, it’s not always the best option and can make an outfit look very casual.

If you don’t want to add volume to your top half, you have small shoulders or you have small hips, it can swamp you.

Sometimes it is worth going down a size (or sometimes two) to get a better fit particularly if it has a stretch to the fabric.



Natural Fibre Knits

100% wool knit

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There is nothing more luxurious and super warm than 100% natural fibre knit.  The only down fall is you have to be willing to do the work that comes with it.

Natural fibre requires hand washing, flat surfacing drying and will require special washing conditioners to help the fibres relax and maintain form. They are usually on the higher end of the money scale so be prepared.  You can purchase mixed blends as an alternate. Most will have the same sort of feel. More info on mixed blends below.

Fine Knit

Fine knits can be lovely but think about how you will wear it and when you will wear it.

If it’s too fine or you can’t layer it, it maybe just become another top in your wardrobe.

Again very fine knits can stretch easily and can make an outfit feel casual so think about it’s functionality.


Mixed Knits

You can buy a variety of mixed knits.  These include 50% polyester 50% wool or 97% Acrylic, 3% Nylon and a huge amount of others.

Mixed knits are often the most common and affordable option.  They usually have a nice weight to them, have reasonably longevity and will come in a great variety.

The most important thing with your knit wear is to look after it.  Follow the care instruction and it will last a long time.  If it starts to to pill, pull or unravel, then it’s probably time to update your knitwear.

At the end of the day, what ever knit you choose to buy, make sure you know a little about the fabrics.  There is nothing worse than buying a beautiful knit top, wearing it once and it ends up looking as though an elephant wore it.






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