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Coolest tips from the Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo

Here are the coolest tips I learnt from Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo…

Why would someone who works in fashion go to a beauty expo?  

Well as a Personal Stylist I feel it is super important that I not only keep informed about what is happening in the fashion world but keep in touch with the likes of beauty, makeup, skin care and hair trends so that I can provide the best knowledge and suggestions to my clients.

So, on my adventure to the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo to see the latest and greatest in the industry and participate in a workshop or two, this is what I found out.

Always embrace your own style

Doesn’t matter if it’s your hair, makeup or fashion, love what you have and make it work for you. You are unique and that is beautiful in its self.

Of course, feel free to get creative and you might just learn about some amazing features that you just didn’t appreciate as you should.

Check out my wig play below at the @silkoilofmorocco stand.  So much fun!

Know how your skin works

Understanding your skin type is super important. It will help you purchase and invest in the right products.

Don’t forget your skin will change with the seasons so remember to tell the skincare consultant how your skin reacts throughout the year sop they can give you the best recommendations.

Little Bird Styling | Personal Styling
Inglot Cosmetics display at Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo 2019
Know your hair type

By understanding your hair and what you struggle with the most ie oily scalp, dry ends, doesn’t hold curl, thick and full you will be able to better manage and care for it.

Finding the right product/s and brands for your hair type will make everyday styling easier and it will be lower maintenance.

Your makeup brushes are everything!

My girl Aleksandra Pinneri from @unveilthebeauty123 always gives me the best advice on products and the tools to make the product work to your advantage.

You can check out the top brushes every gal needs in their makeup kit by clicking here.  You can also find a promo code in this link.  Prefer to watch Aleksandra’s video instead?  Click here.

Playing with Crown Brush Australia at the Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo
Education is Essential for Success

A fascinating stat I heard was that only 10% of people in the hair and makeup industry invest in further education after their initial training. Eeeekkk!

I would sadly say this is true in many industries including mine as a personal stylist.

I think investing in yourself and advancing your existing skills as well as learning new ones either in your field or beyond it, 100% helps your personal growth as a professional and as an individual.


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Little Bird Styling | Personal Styling

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