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Pack Like a Pro! Packing tips for your next holiday

So holidays are super exciting but knowing what to take can be a little stressful.

With a little practice, I think I have cracked part of the “pack like a pro” code with some packing tips for your next holiday. Hopefully this will help you to pack what you need, without the last minute chaos.

Tip 1:

Take your time and plan. Last minute packing equals disaster.

There’s a difference between throwing everything in and then regretting it at the other end vs prepping and planning and putting an added extra for just in case. Time is everything so allow some dedicated time and it will alleviate a whole lot of stress.

Tip 2:

Pack for the events on the trip, not for the “just in case”.

As per previous, time will help you work out what you need and what is just ridiculous.

Take a second to think about what you will be doing on your holiday. Is it a retreat, will you go hiking, do you require swimwear, will you go out for fancy dinners??????

If you plan you’re outfits as you plan the finer details of your holiday, you will everything you need without the random “what was I thinking” scenarios.

Tip 3:

Roll instead of fold. Less creasing, more room.

Some people don’t like this one but I swear by it. I can neatly fold and then roll items individually or together as an outfit. EG undies, t-shirt and pants in one neat roll.

I find it gives more room and allows me to utilize the small pockets and those dividers that are created from the suitcase.

Tip 4:

Less is more. Utilize several pieces but wear them differently.

This is something I preach when I do a Wardrobe Detox. I tell all my clients to use their items in at least 4-5 different ways so that you get a return on your investment.

My key is to have a couple of pieces, usually fit me it’s a jacket and jeans (my staples 😉) and then make 3-4 different outfits by adding a shirt, t-shirt, flat shoe, heeled shoe, a sneaker, a knit and an alternate top option.

You could do this with a dress and convert it by wearing a denim jacket and flats, toning it down with a sneaker and wearing a tied shirt over the top and then glamming it up with a jacket and pair of heels. Plus you have the option to wear it just as is and accessorizing it differently with each wear.

Tip 5:

Accessories help change up your outfits.

Well, I just mentioned accessories to play up a plain dress. You don’t need to pack a lot of items to change your outfit. Think a pair or two of different types of earrings. Would a scarf work? What about a statement necklace. A hat or sunnies work perhaps?

There are lots of choices. Have a play and see what you can do. Get creative.

Tip 6:

Don’t get caught in the moment and buy items you will never wear back at home!

We have all done it!!! Holidays are often relaxing and fun but we can get caught up in the vibe and buy a whole lot of “holiday” items we would never wear out to collect the letters from the box when back at home.

Think Thai pants, Hawaiian shirts, those extra short floral Bali dresses, sarongs plus a plethora of other goodies.

My general rule of thumb, buy a couple to enjoy but think realistically how you’d be wearing the items when you step back into reality.

Tip 7:

Organise your suitcase so it’s less chaos at the other end.

Keep your suitcase in order so you know what’s going in and you can find it when you settle into your destination.

I like to use zip lock bags, shoe protector bags, jewelry boxes and dress bags to keep things sorted and tidy. It’s just a matter of placing your items into the cupboard with ease and displaying them as you please.

Being prepared in your packing will ensure you have everything you need for your next holiday.

If you enjoyed these packing tips and want a few more, you can check out this post I did a little while back here.

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