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When was the last time you had a professional bra fitting?

Seriously though, when was it?

  • before babies
  • a couple of years after babies
  • never
  • haven’t had one since a bad experience
  • can’t remember
  • just hate trying on bras so don’t bother
  • perhaps you just can’t find what you need so it is too overwhelming
  • or you struggle to find the time

Whatever your reason, the time to change all that is TODAY!

No more bra anxiety. No more retailers. No more guessing and buying the wrong bras. No more wasting money.

As a Personal Stylist I can’t stress enough to my clients how important good, supportive and comfortable underwear is sooooo……

I would like to introduce you to INTIMO. Ta Dah!

By joining forces with Intimo and becoming a Bra Fit Specialist, I can offer a unique and customised service to both my clients and to anyone who needs an underwear overhaul.

Perhaps an underwear detox if you like (insert a wink emoji here).

INTIMO | Little Bird Styling Bra Fittings
Love this? Want a FREE Bra Fitting?

Who can have a Bra Fitting?

My FREE BRA FITTING service is available to anyone who would like to find an incredible, ethical range of underwear that is comfortable, supportive and built for ladies of all shapes and sizes.

Why would I offer this service?

I’m forever telling my clients that for their clothes to look better, they need to start with really good underwear!

There is no point building a house on crumbling foundations so why should we expect the same for our clothing?

I am also really aware that women in particular are time poor and priorities are not with our boobs. Hey, I’m one of them. Totally understand.

In addition there can be some anxiety around a bra fitting and what will actually happen.

Soooo, if I can remove any of this, then I’m all for spending quality time with my clients doing the fun stuff rather than walking from retailer to retailer to fit them with the perfect bra and knicker combo.

As a Bra Fit Specialist, I can do a fitting in your home or workplace, in a safe, private space at a time that is convenient to you.


Do you need to know more? Then keep on scrolling…

intmo | little bird styling
Smooth T-Shirt Bra & Bikini Brief
T-Shirt Bra (Selected Styles) Available Sizes From 30A – 42EE
Brief Available (Selected styles) Sizes From size 8 – 22

Who is INTIMO?

INTIMO is a Melbourne based company with women designers who are experts in engineering and specialising in the intricate nature of bra construction. Yaassss ladies.

Bra Fit Specialists are all over Australia and New Zealand and offer a one on one or group consultation.

Are they ethical & sustainable?

Why yes they are! Slow fashion is the future.

Making a sound investment in your clothing is becoming more and more important for the individual. Not only does your consumption play on our personal responsibilities as a consumer but for the overall impact on our environment.

It is also important to note:

  • Garments are certifiably free of harmful substances
  • Manufacturers share Intimo core values or sustainability, quality and service.
  • Garments are manufactured to comply with global standards for safety, lawfulness and ethical practice.

Do they give back to the community?

For sure they do. This is something that I love about Intimo.

  1. Intimo will always donate old or unsold stock to charities aiding people in need.
  2. You can personally raise money and give back to your choice of charity by holding an Intimo event.
  3. Intimo partner with charities that are making a difference.
  4. furthermore they support causes such as the Be Breast Aware campaign, aiding early detection of Breast Cancer. You can watch the self breast check video here.

Is INTIMO expensive?

Intimo falls right inline with some of the top underwear brands out there.

It’s no more expensive than heading into a retailer and purchasing a bra from them. Just less hassles!

Most importantly, you can shop at home in your own time. There are no petrol or carpark worries, there will be no random purchases or impulse buys and you get what you actually need. Plus, if the kids are with you, it’s not a problem.

Intimo have a great range of bras, in a variety of price points. Depending on what you are looking for and what you need, there will be something for your budget.

Classic example. If you gather up all the underwear in your draw that you don’t wear.

Most likely because they are uncomfortable, they have lost their shape and/or just old and daggy.

Now add the cost of those bras and knickers together. You would be shocked.

You could have easily purchased two beautifully constructed, comfortable long, lasting underwear sets for the same price or even less.

Don’t underestimate the importance of investing in good underwear!

You will ultimately:

  • save money in the long run
  • buy less
  • look good in whatever you are wearing
  • if you have a beautiful matching bra and undie set on you will feel incredible

There is nothing sexier than putting on a matching brief and bra set. Am I right ladies?

Return Policies and Other stuff

You have 6 months to return your Intimo purchase and I am right here to help you make sure we get you what you need.

This is a stress free bra fitting experience, trialled and tested by me in every way and millions of other people out there. You’re in good hands!

Have questions?

I’d love to hear from you. You can send me an email here or you can call me on 0400 893 939.

Want to make a booking?

You are most welcome to make a booking by sending me a message here or clicking here to make an appointment.

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