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Welcome to my Men’s Personal Styling page.

While my main focus is on the beautiful ladies of Australia (you can check it out here), Little Bird Styling likes to include those fashionista males or fashion challenged guys when it comes to Personal Styling and shopping.

A lot of my clients would love to treat their man to a fashion update so I offer Men’s Styling sessions, styling and shopping packages as well as couples packages.

Guys want to build fashion confidence just as much us ladies and why shouldn’t the lads get the opportunity to look good and feel good too.

You can choose from a day of shopping, a personal styling session or a double wardrobe detox where you and your other half can makeover your wardrobes from top to shoe;

Imagine removing all that excess stuff and having a wardrobe that you both love to share. Agghhhh clutter free!


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So what’s included in a Men’s Styling Session?

  • Body Analysis
  • Colour and Pattern Analysis
  • A Style Personality Assessment
  • How to shop savvy and invest in longevity clothing items
  • Full Style Report which includes places to shop instore and online with a whole heap of links and fashion inspo.

How long are these Men’s Styling Sessions?

You can have a straight forward 2 hour consultation that hits the “need to know” stuff on the head or you can opt for something a little longer.

I usually recommend a 2 hour session which gives us time to visit some of the best Men’s Fashion stores around so you will know exactly what to look for, check out the new season trends and try on some pieces that will make your Wardrobe super versatile for work, rest and play.
mens personal styling

What man has a Men’s Styling Session?

Any bloke that is lacking self esteem, needs a change, feels lost when it comes to fashion, needs an update, going for a promotion or new job or is just wanting a boost in confidence when it comes to finding the right clothes and shoes for his lifestyle.  Being fashionable isn’t just for the suave, fashion conscious guy, it’s for dude who wants to present himself confidently and show his true personality.

If you think you would like a styling session or you would like more info on a couples package, why not shoot me an email via my contact page so I can design the ultimate styling session today.

Chat soon!little bird styling


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