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I get it!  Loosing yourself and trying to reinvent is difficult.


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Finding where to start can be even harder.  

Today is the day you get to be a happier and more confident YOU! 

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In short…

Most of my clients are at a cross roads ( some sort of transitional period).   They maybe getting married; having babies; returning to work; seeking entrepreneurship; changing jobs; leaving a relationship; moving house; celebrating a year older; need a lifestyle change or just need to dedicate time to nurture themselves.

Whatever the reason, these amazing ladies and gentlemen are ready to embrace the new version of themselves.  That’s where I come in!

I get to work with incredible Ladies (and Gentlemen) who want to embrace their personal style on a whole new level.  As a result I get to watch my clients take a journey to confidence and self worth.  This fuels my soul to the core.  

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Personal Styling Services

Wardrobe Dextox;

We will work together to makeover your wardrobe – Top to Shoe – no draw, shelf or shoe unturned!   From a serious declutter to complete re-organisation, you will be left with a wardrobe that is tidy, in order and full of clothes that you will actually wear.  Click here to read more.

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Let’s Go Shopping Excursion – Personal Styling & Shopping Session;

So many reasons to hire a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant or Style Coach!  Add key pieces to your existing wardrobe, shop for a whole new look, find a special occasion outfit or play with new season trends.  We will use our tiger-like skills to peruse the shops, scan the racks and leap on the sales.  With your budget in hand, we will ensure you get what you need to create your personal style.  Click here to find out more.

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Find your Style Personality – Personal Styling Session;

Let me help you to understand what looks good, feels good and shows off your best features.  Get a grip on your style personality and see who you really are.  

We can work with your existing wardrobe or meet at a desired shopping location.  

You will receive a style personality, body and colour analysis report and the confidence to wear what you want. Recommended 2-3 hour session

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How do I wear it styling session;

Sometimes we get a little excited.  We buy things we wouldn’t normally wear or thought they looked great in the change room, until you get it home!  

No matter if it’s a recent purchase, long time wardrobe dweller or a style you would love to incorporate into your wardrobe, I can help you to maximise your wear and create outfits with your item/s.  

Recommended 1 hour session minimum.

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Styling Packages – Personal Styling, Shopping & Wardrobe Detox;

This is the perfect combination to get you loving your wardrobe, finding your personal style and to reducing the disappointment of having nothing to wear!

You can find more info here about the wardrobe detox and here for the personal styling sessions.

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The Works Personal Styling & Lifestyle Sessions;

Feel like you need a complete makeover?  With me as your Personal Stylist + Image Consultant + Style Coach along with my preferred and trusted partners, we will ensure you walk away happy, confident and ready to take on the world.  

This is the ultimate Little Bird Life and Style package!   This is a top to toe makeover.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will you.  

This is a process that will happen over several weeks to ensure you are ready for the change and we understand exactly what you are wanting to achieve.   

You can enjoy great hair styling and advice with a range of professional Adelaide hairdressers;

get unbelievable makeup tips from one of Adelaide’s award winning Makeup Artists who will have you accentuating your features with simple techniques, help you to reverse the signs of ageing if this is a concern, learn about the right skincare to make your skin glow and to finalise the process;

gain knowledge and fashion tips on how to dress for your body shape, understand colours and prints with a customised personal styling session and wardrobe detox to ensure you love what you wear, everyday!

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