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Welcome to my About page.  

Here you will find all the information you need to know about me and what I offer as a Personal Stylist.  It includes stuff like, what I do, where you can find me, what I love about my job, my qualifications and that sort of thing.  If none of this interests you and you just need a Personal Stylist/Styling Session or a Wardrobe Detox NOW then skip all of this and click here.

Otherwise read on…

Does this sound like you?

You get up every morning, you get dressed ready for your day but you just feel like something is missing?  You want to look better and feel better.  You’re sick of walking around telling everyone how great you are when in reality it’s not at all how you’re feeling.  You know you could be doing SO MUCH BETTER!

I completely understand.

In 2009 after 12 months of juggling life and perhaps losing a part of myself, I realised I need to pull myself together and make a change!

As a new mum, running my own business, trying to dress this new body that apparently happens after a baby (who knew!) and somewhere along the track loosing my personal style and perhaps apart of my identity, I was frazzled.

I tried everything to gain my body back and get some control.  From diets and detox, exercise regimes to delivering pamphlets (so I could walk more!) I was tired of feeling the same with no success.  A complete lacklustre for my body, I sort a Personal Stylist as my Birthday present.  This has been a gift that keeps on giving!

I have invested a lot of time and energy into creating a business that serves those who are feeling just the way I did.  

I wanted to be able to give those people an experience that could excite them, build their confidence, improve their outlook and ultimately make them feel good about themselves.

Not only do I want to see the fire ignite in my clients through my styling sessions but I continuously feel inspired and excited every time I get to speak to a new client.  Finding out their goals and aims and where they see themselves now allows me to get to know them on a deeper level.  This is what gets me up in the morning!


Get to know me…

Personal Stylist, Professional Wardrobe Organiser, Style Coach, Image Consultant, Fashion Adviser, Wardrobe Stylist…

these are all fancy titles for what I do really.  

Essentially, I work with women (and men) to organise their wardrobes from top to shoe, help them maximise their existing wardrobe items, teach them how to shop better, understand their body shape and embrace their style personality.

The best part of my job… I get to watch people transform!

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Want to see what I do? Click here.

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Fun fact about me…

I’m a raging chocoholic,
a yoga fanatic (I need to counteract the chocolate somehow)
and an absolute perfectionist.

Every day offers a new challenge.  I play a balancing act between my home life and pursuing my dreams of running my own business and working with women all around Australia to improve their self-worth and fashion confidence.  

I have 3 very energetic children all completely different, a very understanding and supportive husband, a small menagerie of pets and a never ending pile of washing.  A life filled with chaos, lots of laughs and a huge amount of love.

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The nitty gritty…

With a high energy background in the fast-paced corporate world and a successful small business, my experience, professionalism and ability to gain results has always been my ultimate focus.  

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A perfect fusion of my work, education, family and life skills has ideally positioned

me to follow my heart, create Little Bird Styling and

have the best job in the world.

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Interesting Fact:

Did you know that to be a personal stylist you are not required to have any formal training or accreditation before working in the industry?

Alrighty then!  Not to say other people aren’t amazing at what they do, I just feel like it’s important for myself and my clients to ensure they receive the most qualified, professional experience that they can have.  So that means I do what I can to keep my knowledge up to date.

My Experience:

Accredited with Honors in Style Coaching in 2014 was my ah ha moment and one I’m very proud of.

It allowed me to study personal styling on a deeper level, rekindle my love for fashion and the chance, particularly to work with women to improve their self worth, love for their incredible bodies, whatever shape, size or colour and to help find themselves again though an exciting, fun and enlightening process.

Pursuing this career has been a positive extension of my previous educational studies in life coaching and advanced counselling, a direction I was on the road to before discovering Style Coaching and Personal Styling.  

Those specific skills and techniques are proving valuable.  Particularly, when working with clients who are  

  • transitional life phase, 
  • have lost themselves, 
  • are ready for change physically and mentally
  • looking for a desired outcome that requires a clear direction and focus or
  • are perhaps feeling slightly fragile or scared to take charge, love themselves and to be confident and successful

As of June 2019, I completed a Certificate in The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylists Course via  the Australian College of Professional Styling.

Furthermore, to ensure you receive the best possible personal styling services, I always aim to find ways to improve my industry knowledge so I attend fashion events, retailer personal styling events, expos covering fashion, health, makeup and beauty plus find up to the minute courses in personal styling and image consultancy whenever possible.

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You are important to me!

Being able to draw on a variety of skills and techniques ensures I connect with my clients on all types of levels.  It allows me to provide a well rounded, personalised service.  Whether it be in Personal Styling, Image Consulting or Wardrobe Organisation, I’m here for you, my client.  My aim is to ensure I have complete understanding, empathy and respect for the journey you are about to take.

Accredited with Honors in Dip. Style Coaching™ through the Style Coaching Institute®,
HH Dip. (L.C) and HH Dip (Ad.C.S) through Health and Harmony Colleges
2019 – Certificate of The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course at Australian College of Professional Styling..

What you can expect…

You will definitely get a full frontal glimpse of my enthusiasm for organisation during a Wardrobe Detox!

In Personal Styling Sessions you will see the shop-a-holic, bargain hunter and the creator come to light.

And all round, you will see my down to earth personality, honesty and commitment to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

Let’s be real,

we’re going to have plenty of laughs,

chat like old mates from way back,

get you thinking about your body in a whole new way 

and of course, get you looking damn hot!

You can also find me:

As a guest blogger for:

Kids In Adelaide

and written and featured in the Advice Columns for:

South Australian Style Magazine

Aspire Magazine


I work closely with a variety of businesses blogging and freelance writing.  Keep an eye out as you may never know where I’ll pop up.

And of course, you can find more fun articles, fashion tips and personal styling advice at my very own blog featured right here.

For businesses, if you think I have what you need as a part of your blog or believe you have an opportunity for us to work together, please do not hesitate to contact me as I’d love to hear from you.

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