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Hey There! 

Does this sound like you?

You get up every morning, you get dressed ready for your day but you just feel like something is missing?  You want to look better and feel better.  You’re sick of walking around telling everyone how great you are when in reality it’s not at all how you’re feeling.  You know you could be doing SO MUCH BETTER!

I completely understand.

Welcome to Little Bird Styling,

My name is Rachel.  Personal Stylist, Style Coach and Professional Wardrobe Organiser.  I’m also a mum, wife, chocoholic, yoga enthusiast and expert juggler of life!

Here you can take the time to browse my Personal Styling & Image Consultant services, check out my wardrobe organisation sessions on my Wardrobe Detox page, learn about me or if you want to skip all of this, then go right ahead to my contact page, send me a message. and let’s book your personal styling session now.

If you’re simply after some light reading and tips and tricks, then click over to the blog or scroll down and start shopping at some of my favourite affiliates.

I can’t wait to meet you, hear your story and get you on the road to being happy, stylish and organised.

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Learn to shop less, wear more and love your wardrobe with a shopping and styling session.

Let me help you;

to shop better, find clothes that fit, build confidence in fashion and body image, gain control of your Wardrobe and get you out of that style rut.   Let’s do it!

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