Does this sound like you?

You get up every morning, get dressed in a bit of a tiz or end up wearing the same old thing? You want to look better and feel better but just don't know where to start.

Or maybe you go shopping and feel overwhelmed within minutes so you buy the exact same thing you already have 12 of. Perhaps, you get swept up in the moment and impulse buy or make a rash purchase with soooo much regret by the time you get home.



There is nothing worse than a wardrobe full of stuff yet nothing to wear! It's either disorganised, you have too much stuff, it's impractical or full of odd sizes, styles and colour - or lack of and it's just not working for your lifestyle.

You know you could be doing so much better and absolutely ready to make a change.

I completly understand!

Welcome to Little Bird Styling...

My name is Rachel. I'm a Personal Stylist, Professional Wardrobe Organiser and Bra Fit Specialist. I’m also a mum, wife, chocoholic, casual yoga enthusiast and like most, an expert juggler of life.

Here you can take the time to browse my Personal Styling & Image Consultant services, check out my wardrobe organisation sessions on my Wardrobe Detox page, learn about me or if you want to skip all of this, then go right ahead to my contact page, send me a message and let's book you a personal styling session now.

Rachel - Founder & Personal Stylist

" I can’t wait to meet you, hear your story and get you on the road to being happy, stylish and organised. See you soon!"

Rachel xox



Little Bird Styling & Personal Stylist, Rachel

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