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Here you will find information and links to all of the styling services that I offer.

If your still not sure if a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant is right for you, then scroll on down for some more info about Little Bird Styling and what I can offer.

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If you have already checked out a few of my pages then you need no introduction. However, if this is your first click, then welcome and I can't wait to get to know you.

My name is Rachel and I own Little Bird Styling. I’m a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant, Professional Wardrobe Organiser and a Bra Fit Specialist. A mouthful right! LOL

Essentially they are kind of the same thing, they just have slightly different skill sets that are only going to give you exactly what you need from a stylist.

If you have never worked with a Personal Stylist before then I can promise you this is going to be exciting, enlightening and a little nerve wracking. Not going to lie!

These feelings and emotions are very normal but I'm here to help you. The anxiety and weirdness will go away within minutes - I promise.

I can't wait to meet you and start you on a new fashion journey!

my job is the best in the world.


Because I get to work with you!

Corny perhaps, but it’s absolutely true.

I get to work with incredible Ladies (and Gentlemen) who want to embrace their personal style on a whole new level.

As a result I get to take my clients on a journey to confidence and self worth which is both exciting and an extreme privilege to be part of.

This is a big deal!

Often my clients feel they have lost themselves a little bit due to circumstance or maybe they are just ready to make a change and create the new version of themselves.

Sometimes finding the first step can be daunting, that’s where I come in.

I help my clients to let go of the past, look forward to their future and start living with self confidence.

You have nothing to be nervous about.

'My aim is to ensure you feel great, look amazing

and embrace your own personal style.'

Why Little Bird Styling?

While I take my job seriously and ensure all of my training and skills are to the utmost this doesn't matter if I can connect with you and give you the outcome you are after.

I want you to;

  • feel completely relaxed

  • enjoy every part of the process

  • be comfortable enough to be open up about your feeling and thoughts

  • feel like you are getting what you need from the session

  • get value for money

Realistically, I probably treat my clients more like my friends. This is supposed to be a process that you can enjoy and being overly rigid doesn't make it fun so its about balance.

Having this type of personal approach allows my clients to feel at ease and rid any nerves quickly. The experience we have together will have us;

  • laughing our way through your fashion faux pas

  • chatting and playing in your wardrobe

  • creating outfits that will make life so much easier

  • shopping like pros

  • reducing your morning wardrobe rage with organisation and styling tips

  • and determining what works, what doesn’t and what makes your style you!

Your experience should be one that you remember, enjoy and will want to tell all your friends about.

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Who hires a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant?

Personal styling services are for everybody!

It doesn’t matter what size you are, the colour of your skin or the dye in your hair. If you just want some fashion tips and understand what types of things suit you then this is for you.

Perhaps you’re an extreme hoarder that needs to get some control of your wardrobe, don't worry, this is for you.

I can help you get their life back on track, feel in control and have you confident about your fashion choices. I’m your skilled, judgement free Personal Stylist, Style Coach, Image Consultant and Professional Wardrobe Organiser.

It’s important to understand that there is no need to feel nervous, scared or embarrassed. Half of your battle is won from the moment you send that email, make that call or request a live chat.

Do You Get Wardrobe Rage?

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