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Cheat sheet to getting your wedding party sorted briefs, bras and all

The last thing on your mind is probably underwear and you may not have even thought about it with everything else that is going on.

Here I have put together an easy guide to help you work out what you and your wedding party will need for the big day.


You have the date and the dress is all ready to go but have you thought about what you’re going to do with your girls - and I don’t mean the ones in your wedding party! Sometimes cups will be sewn into your dress so a bra may not always be necessary however if you don’t go for the traditional white dress, you may need to consider a good, supportive bra or even a strapless. Don’t forget the lingerie for the wedding night and the honeymoon ladies - nudge nudge.

Mother's of the bride & groom

Even though you will be the star of the show, Mums are very conscious about looking their best on your special day too. Mums often like a little bit of extra support and smoothing under their outfits, so gifting Mum with a bra fitting and styling session to get the outfit feeling and looking just right, is something that you could do as an easy thank you.


Don’t forget your ladies! You’ve approved their dresses and now they need the right bra and brief to ensure the dress looks its best. Again it is a great idea to gift your bridesmaids with a group bra fitting day. Pop the champagne, have some nibbles, grab the dresses and let’s sort you the perfect underwear.

Want a unique gift for your bridesmaids? Why not purchase their bras for them? You can also reward yourself with some beautiful lingerie by receiving group discounts. Great way to get what you need at the same time.


Blokes need a little love too right, so why not gift your man some comfortable undies for the big day. You’ll be guaranteed a no holes brief!


To be honest I would be setting these guys up with a nice brief or boxer set as a thank you and they will appreciate that they won’t have to find a clean pair of jocks on your wedding day. One less thing they need to be responsible for!

special guests

Don't forget about the special people who are playing a small role in your wedding or perhaps have maken an extra effort to be with you on your day. If you are unsure how to say thanks, perhaps factor them in and allow them to participate in a bra fitting group session or you may like to give them a gift voucher they can use toward purchasing something they need.

Want to book a bra fitting session for you and the girls?

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