You looking for a Men's Personal Styling Session?

Yes, Men's Personal Styling Sessions are a thing...

If you have never thought seriously about having a styling session before then you have come to the right place!

I have designed 2 signature speedy shopping men's personal styling sessions that will have you feeling like new, dressing with confidence and never affraid to try something a little different from your norm.

These are jam packed sessions to ensure you aren't stuck wondering the shops for hours.

You will receive quality, personalised styling advice that will have you feeling confident and comfortable in all your outfit choices. What I would do for a ladies styling session in 3 hours you are getting in 1 or 2 hours so be ready to experience shopping at it's best.

mens personal styling sessions adelaide

1 hour Styling $175

Express styling session for the bloke not real keen on shopping but needs a bit of a hand getting his look together.

We will discuss dressing for your body shape, best colours and patterns for your features and create mix and match outfits to get you feeling comfortable and confident for a variety of occasions.

Usually work within 1-2 stores.

3-4 Outfits. Includes colour chart.

mens styling session adelaide

2 hour Styling $245

Perfect for a complete styling overhaul. Let's get you sorted for work, rest and play so you feel confident and never have to second guess what you should wear.

We will discuss colour and pattern, dressing for your body shape, best brands to shop in, create several outfits and show you how to easily mix and match your outfits for functionality and longevity.

Usually work betwen 2-4 stores. 5+ Outfits. Includes colour chart and body shape guide.

Men's Styling Sessions are held at:

Marion | City | Burnside | West Lakes

Gift Certificates

Available for all sessions.

Call 0400 893 939 to organise now.

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