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Here you will find all the information you need to know about me and what I offer as a Personal Stylist.

It includes stuff like, what I do, why I created Little Bird Styling, what I love about my job, my qualifications and so on.

I beleive it is super important for you to connect to your Personal Stylist, so if you need to chat to me, I'd love to hear from you.

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Get To Know Me...

meet the family

As you probably already know, my name is Rachel. I am a mum of 3, a chocoholic and enjoy the odd spot of yoga whenever possible.

I also struggled with my body shape over the years, particualrly after baby number 1 who changed everything due to being a small giant. LOL Not only was weight gain and post pregnancy body interesting to work with, I felt as though I just lost a little bit of who I was. I was no longer the executive wearing stilettos and business suits nor the girl having after 5 drinks and spending hours on the dance floor.

I was a mum!

While things change, life happens and I wouldn't take it back for the world, I was determined to find the new me and embrace what I now apparently owned.

2009 ticked over, along with my Birthday so I hired a Personal Stylist.

It was the best thing that happened to me. The gift that kept on giving if you like.

I'm now giving back to women experiencing similar feelings of uncertainty and body concerns just as I did.

It's exciting, rewarding and an honor to be able to share my journey with you and give you comfort in the fact that I too have been where you are. You can be well assured that my business has been created with all of this in mind and to provide you with a service that is sensitive and connected to those feelings, thoughts and emotions.

The Back Story...

Moving forward a few years on I returned to retail while studying Counselling and Life Coaching and fell in love (for a second time) with fashion and the customers who walked through the door.

Working so closely with women and their often distorted view of their body and the way they should spend money on themselves. This made me determined to ensure that every lady who left the fitting room, felt good about themselves and their purchase. They knew exactly what to do with each and every item and how they could transform it season to season. I wanted them to have confidence, to be excited about the purchase and enjoy the shopping experience.

The Launch...

So while pregnant with baby no 3, two new diplomas and the opportunity to start my new business, I decided that I needed to incorporate fashion into my Life Coaching studies. Back to study I went and Style Coaching was where I found myself earning another Diploma. Addicted to study much - LOL.

Again, this study ignited something I was really excited about. It was like a missing piece had been found. As soon as baby 3 was out in 2013, I was on a mission to build my business to what is today, Little Bird Styling.

The Now...

This business is something I am so proud to have created. It's also such a pleasure to be able to expand and evolve with both the demand, the need and my clients.

I have invested a lot of time and energy (and always will) into designing a business that serves those who are feeling just the way I did. I want to provide each and every client with a unique, personalised service that gets to know you!

Finding out your goals and aims, where you currently see yourself, what your biggest struggles are and where you want to see yourself here-in-out, allows me to get to know you on a deeper level and ensure I can provide quality service and advice.

I want YOU to have an experience that will excite you, build confidence, improve your outlook and ultimately, make you feel good.

You are not another number to me nor do I just tell you what to wear and how to wear it. My personal styling sessions on all levels are to be an experience and one that will keep serving you right into the future.

Building and living this is what gets me up in the morning!

What Do You ACTUALLY DO?...

Personal Stylist, Professional Wardrobe Organiser, Style Coach, Image Consultant, Fashion Adviser, Wardrobe Stylist…

these are all fancy titles for what I do really.

Essentially, I work with women (and men) to organise their wardrobes from top to shoe, help them maximise their existing wardrobe items, teach them how to shop better, understand their body shape, show them colour options and help them to define and embrace their style personality.

The best part of my job… I get to watch people transform right before my eyes!

Are you Qualified?...

Yes. Yes I am.

Did you know you that you don't actually have to be certified to become a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant. Since I personally appreciate someone who is willing to invest in their training and education to gain qualifications, I have made sure that I have done so. I have achieved several certificates both in the styling industry and related.

Certificate in The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylists

In 2019, I completed a Certificate in The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylists Course via the Australian College of Professional Styling.

This was such a refreshing additon to be able to further my knowledge and extend my skills into other areas of styling.

Honors in Style Coaching

2014 was my ah ha moment and one I’m very proud of.

It allowed me to study personal styling and coaching combined. It confirmed my love for fashion and the way that I could help someone improve their self worth and love for themselves through an exciting, fun and enlightening process such as Personal Styling.

Advanced Diplomas in Counselling & Life Coaching

Previously to styling I studied these two amazing courses. The skills and techniques learned from this has proved beyond valuable and I'm so please that I had the opportunity to complete these.

Further Education Opportunities

I always aim to find ways to improve my industry knowledge in whatever way that I can.

  • Fashion events

  • Retailer new release events

  • Expos covering fashion, health, makeup and beauty

  • Plus up to the minute courses in personal styling and image consultancy

Ensuring that I am at the top of my game is beyond important.

By investing in my education is a no brainer committment to my business and your experience so you can be assured the information I give you is an educated and professional one.


"Being able to draw on a variety of skills and techniques ensures that I can connect with you on all types of levels. It allows me to provide a well rounded, personalised service that is designed to your needs.

Whether it be Personal Styling, Image Consulting, a Bra Fitting or Wardrobe Organisation, I’m here for you.

My aim is to have complete understanding, empathy and respect for the journey you are about to take and I can't wait to be part of that with you."

Rachel xox


Your happiness is beyond important to me. I want you to have the best possible experience and I want to be able to provide that to you.

In order to give you the outcomes you want and to provide you with every skill and ability I have as a Personal Stylist I need to get to know you on a personal level.

You are not another client or a number to me. I aim to build long term, ongoing relationships with anyone who walks through my business doors in whatever capacity so before and during your styling sessions I will get to know...

  • Your Lifestyle. Perhaps you’re a working mum, career woman, entrepreneur, stay at home dad or just a person of many talents who’s juggling many balls.

  • Your confidence levels to go shopping for clothes. Are you a shopaholic or do you hate looking for things that fit your body and therefore dread clothes shopping?

  • Do you struggle to find items that are within your budget or do you overspend and have buyers remorse.

  • Your current style and if you are being authentic to your personality? Does it really reflect who you are?

  • Is your wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear? Do you wear everything in your wardrobe? Are you stuck in a style rut?

  • If you know what colours compliment your features?

  • Your confidence in your body shape and what styles, cuts and fabrics flatter your best bits?

  • Your ability to create outfits, mix and match and accessorise?

  • If you’re dressing age appropriate, with minimal effort and always feel like your looking your best?

  • and most importantly, what are you wanting to personally achieve with a Styling session.

Who Needs A Stylist or Image Consultant?

Ummmmm everyone!


Seriously though, it's not just for the rich and the famous.

Those who seek personal styling or image consultancy services may include:

  • experience of a transitional life phase i.e divorce, change of job, promotion, baby etc.

  • change in body shape or lack of confidence in how they look

  • potentially lost themselves and want to regain a new outlook

  • are ready for a change physically and mentally

  • looking for a desired outcome that requires a clear direction and focus

  • are perhaps feeling slightly fragile or scared to take charge and want to learn how to love themselves and gain confidence

  • in a style rut and doesn't know where to start

  • unsure how to incorporate colour or pattern

  • needs help creating outfits and shopping their wardrobe more effectively

  • stop impulse buying and learn to purchase better

  • embarrassed or nervous about what works and what doesn't

  • shopping anxiety

  • and so much more.

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