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5 Granny Knicker Must Haves

The benefit of a full brief is that it gives great support to your buns.

Depending on the height in the front, it can totally smooth out our bellies as well.

By lifting our derrière and eliminating lumps and bumps, clothing will sit better, look better and you feel like all you’re bits and pieces are where they need to be.

Full briefs or granny undies (as affectionately known in my house) can get a total bad wrap for being ugly and unflattering.

Look, my hubby doesn't love them but for anyone just wanting to eliminate lines, create a smooth effect then you'll love a full brief no matter the colour or lack of lace and what the other half says isn't on the care factor scale!

For those aiming to add a bit of sexy back, times are changing and there are now plenty of nice ones around so don't worry.

Here are my 5 FAVOURITE Full Briefs for you to try...

1. Target – Seamfree Full Brief:

Not pretty but essential for every knicker draw. Seamfree are the bomb! These seriously are a must have for those finer fabric dresses, skirts and pants. They are also nice and high so will smooth out tummy wobbles without cutting in or creating other trouble areas.

Don’t be afraid of seamfree if it’s been a while since you’ve bought any. They have improved dramatically and don’t slide or fall like they once did.

2. Target – Modal Full Brief:

Super comfort should mean no adjusting and a fabric that is like silk to touch. These babies are all that!

Maybe not on the prettiest full brief list but they certainly help with smoothing. Due to the lower cut on the leg they are a boyleg style.

This means they sit low around the leg line. It will help to create that stream-line for your clothes to glide over. They will also help anyone who has that little pot belly problem or that bulge often a result of c-sections.

Want something lacey and easy on the purse strings? Then these full briefs could be for you.

3. Kmart – Cotton Full Brief:

They are cotton and give full coverage but feature a pretty lace insert across the tummy area. They also come in colour which is a nice change to your black, white and nude.

We are going to step it up a notch now.

For those who like good quality knicker and one that last for years, then look no further than these investment pieces from Intimo.

Designed and engineered by women in Melbourne Australia, these are made for our body shape and hug our bodies in all the right places.

Not only do they provide luxury comfort but they are super pretty and the perfect staple with years of wearability. I know people who have had Intimo for 15 years, still loving and wearing it to this day. That's worth every cent in my books!

4. Intimo – Amour High Brief:

For pure beauty and silky comfort I introduce you to the Amour high brief.

All though this full brief features the stunning lace panels across the back, I’ve found in most instances there is no lace VPL and a definite go to if I’m wanting something a little pretty to match my bra 😉.

5. Intimo Opulence Brief

The also have that lower cut down off the hip to the thigh so they are more like a pretty boyleg which I’m personally loving.

Intimo – Opulence Full Brief:

The opulence full brief are also stunning. They don’t sit as high in the front but that will depend on body type of course. The opulence brief also feature beautiful lace across the front. This supports the tummy area comfortably and a smooth microfiber panel across the back for full rear coverage.

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