buying tips: no fuss underwear that fits every time!

Finding underwear that fits every bit of your body and is comfortable can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

There are soooo many choices and brands, well each is slightly different and consistency amongst itself isn't always - well consistent.

Here are 3 really easy ways to esure you buy underwear that fits every time!

1. Perfect Briefs

The biggest problem is that most of us will walk in to a retailer, look around a bit, grab a couple of pairs that look alright and take them home.

There is no reason to why you can't try them on!

Yep. You are allowed to as long as you keep your own briefs on for hygiene purposes.

It's also a really good idea to grab a size bigger and sometimes a size smaller just to determine that you are buying the correct size and they are going to do what you need them too.

By trying them on you will be able to see:

  • where the knicker sits on your waist. Is it a low rider or is it high waisted. Where do you need them so sit for ultimate comfort.

  • if it cuts in anywhere at the waist or leg. If it digs in then it's probably to small.

  • if they are going to create bulges or problem areas elsewhere.

  • does it cover your bottom properly. For example is it likely to ride up or down or is it high cut or full coverage. If you are a string girl this will not apply

2. To go bigger or not to go bigger...

That is the question!

Sometimes going up a size bigger can be better. If you are after more coverage or if you find you are getting any cut in anywhere or perhaps if the brand runs small then try the next size up.

3. get a fitting

A bra fitting that is. Having a professional fitter help you, is invaluable!

They will make sure your over the shoulder boulder holders are doing the right thing for your boobs and body type.

A professional fitting won't require you to get your boobs out nor do you have to flash them to the fitter at any point.

If they know what they are doing, they will easily get you in and out of bra without seeing any part of your nip!

The right bra must fit correctly around your rib cage. The straps must be adjusted to the perfect length and the cup size must actually hold in your boob.

A professional bra fit specialist will also ensure you are wearing the right type of bra for your breast shape.

There are lots of styles of bra, in various fabrics and of course, cup sizes.

Again they aren't consistent from brand to brand so having a professional fit you correctly can do the hard work for you.

You always want to make sure that your britches are comfortably firm. After all they are meant to give you some support. And you want your bras to lift your jubblies and help create shape.

If you seek advice and you try things on you will reduce the amount of uncomfortable, ill-fitting under garments in your top draw, reduce the amount of money your throwing away and you'll have fuss free underwear forever!

Can't argue with that ladies. (insert wink emoji, thumbs up emoji, smiley face)

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