Guide To Styling: Why hire a personal stylist?

Personal Stylists and Image Consultants are for everybody!

If you struggle with fashion, over spending, impulse buying or evening trying to put an outfit together, then perhaps you need a Personal Stylist to help you gain a grip an enjoy clothing again.

Understanding or even enjoying fashion and what it has to offer isn't for everybody.

Some people couldn't care less if turquiose is the new season colour or that you can mix two patterns together. All they want to do is get up, get dressed and not worry about what is on their body as long as it performs.

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Look, that is totally understandable and practical clothing is everything. You need to ensure it functions in the way that you need it to, when you need it and at a cost that you are comforatble with.

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On the other hand there are the people who need to have the latest trends and designer brands. That fashion is life. Not many people fall in this category unless you have unlmited funds or you consider shopping your hobby.

Most people will fall somewhere between the two extremes on a sliding scale of "it matters a bit to I want to know how and improve my knowledge."

For these people wanting to know more or perhaps have fallen into the style rut status, seeking a Personal Stylist is usually something they start to think about seriously.

Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire

A Personal Stylist

1. Reduce time trying to find something to wear

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get dressed in the morning and feeling like you have nothing to wear.

It could be because you actually don't have many options or could be simply that you are overwhelmed by what you have and it's just a mish mash of stuff.

A Personal Stylist will be able to effectively curate your wardrobe and help you pull together a range of outfits so you have something to wear for every occasion.

This brings me to number 2.

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2. Make sure you are wearing the right colours for your features.

You know how some people always look as though they have stepped of a Hawaiian beach or their eyes sparkle? That's usually because they are wearing a colour that suits their hair, skin and eye tone.

Adding colour into your wardrobe can do so many amazing things not only for creating outfits but for changing the way you look and feel.

A Personal Stylist can provide you with a Colour Consultation and provide you with a chart or guide on what colours work best in what areas and how to mix and match them effectively.

3. Ensure that what you are wearing fits your body shape

Wearing clothes that fit in all the right places will do wonderful things for your shape.

It can define your waist or distract from an area you don't particularly love and even make you look taller or thinner. It can also do the reverse when you aren't wearing the right shapes!

A Personal stylist understands body types, fabrics, styles and how to use those to your advantage and can teach you very quickly how to find the right ones for you.

4. Build your confidence

When things fit well and compliment your features you'll start to notice how it changes your perception and what you feel.

Tips and tricks from a Personal Stylist can get you looking and being your best self.

You will totally ooze confidence in no time and you will get noticed very differently too.

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5. Save money

A Personal Stylist can definitely help you to save money.

They will direct you to the right styles, brands and colours so you can stop buying black or fashion trends that aren't right for you. They should also be able to tell you where you should be spending your money when it comes to fashion based on your lifestyle and needs.

If you are an impulse buyer or you find shopping a challenge, they will be able to help you implement strategies to reduce your shopping anxiety and buy better.

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6. Gain control of your Wardrobe and all that’s in it

If you always feel like you have nothing to wear, yet the draws are overflowing and the wardrobe is full of stuff then a Personal Stylist can be a huge advantage in gaining control of what you have.

They can help you edit and reorganise the chaos.

7. Stop you second guessing your fashion choices

Knowing what's going on in the fashion world can be a mind field. If you are constantly struggling to find what to wear and where you can buy clothes that are right for you, a personal stylist can take the shopping stress away. Because it's a Personal Stylists job to keep up with new season items, which brands are doing what and who is selling which items, they are a vital source to buying better.


A Personal Stylist is like any other person you hire. Each one is different and will work in their own way so it's important you do your research, ask questions and connect with them.

Some will have formal qualifications, while others will have worked in the fashion or beauty industry and have now moved into the styling field. Some Personal Stylists will work in a particular area of styling for example media and tv, corporate wear, lifestyle, teen fashion, men's wear and so on.

It's always recommended to have an idea of who you are looking for and what you want your outcomes to be. Pick up the phone and chat with them if your vibing with what they offer just to see if what comes across on paper - or screen - is what they are like in person.

You want to have the best experience possible and you want value for money so take you time to find your perfect stylist.

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